Leadership Lessons From My Grandmother

I was blessed to be raised by a wonderful Grandmotherwoman, my Grandmother.  She is full of personality and a has a laugh that will light up a room.  She has taught me many valuable lessons in life.   Some of these lessons have shaped my professionalism and ability to evolve into the woman I am today.   For instance, when I think about my work ethic and my drive for life, I attribute these characteristics to her. Now a retiree for 2 years, my Grandmother was employed since her teen years holding several different jobs over the years with the most tenure as a home health assistant.   While employed, for as long as I can remember, my Grandmother went to work every day.  She went to work regardless if she wasn’t feeling well or if there were extreme weather conditions within the Chicagoland area.

Chicago is known to experience extreme weather conditions from high heat and humidity in the summer to snow blizzards in the winter.  Regardless of the challenges, she would get up every morning and take public transportation to get to and from work.  Her determination was due to her desire  to provide a stable home for her family.  I will also add that she has a strong work ethic.  One that included a simple notion that has been forgotten by many today….keeping your word.  As an employee, you are an agent/representative for an organization.  As such, when taking a position with a company, you agree to perform your responsibilities to the best of your ability.  She knew that her employer and patients relied on her to show up, on time, and to perform. This taught me two key lessons about leadership.

1) Be Determined.  As you think about your goals for your organization, do not become discouraged when you encounter challenges.  There will always be a season of Summer or Winter, however, you have to be encouraged and determined to see your goals implemented.

2) Be Ethical.  Your stakeholders will not only want to see results, they will want to know that you are consistent, genuine, and honorable. They rely on you and your ability to align your actions and with your words.

These concepts are not only beneficial with the organization you work for, they are also relevant to other aspects of your professional and personal lives.  I challenge you to stay on the path of your goals, regardless of the challenges, and to be authentically you in the process.

Erica L. Anthony, Ph.D., is the CEO/Founder of Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC, a full service coaching, training, and consulting business seeking to assist high potential professionals with achieving their personal and professional goals. For additional information regarding Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC and the services offered, please visit www.innovative-leader.com.